Guidance for Candidates Impacted by School Closures


Guidance offered through out this website reflects the current directions from California and County Public Health Officials and local education agencies regarding schools and closures. For credential candidates impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, the CTC is actively engaged in developing and refining flexibility and guidance (within legal parameters) with programs, districts, induction programs and state agencies. Updated guidance for candidates and preparation programs will be provided as the COVID-19 crisis continues.

With many educator preparation programs (preparation programs) and TK–12 school districts impacted by COVID-19, the following guidance is provided to preparation programs and credential candidates in need of options for successfully preparing and submitting their CalTPA or CalAPA cycles.

COVID-19: Information for Commission Stakeholders

The Commission has established a COVID-19: Information for Commission Stakeholders opens in a new window webpage to keep preparation programs, credential holders, credential candidates, and the public informed on the latest updates regarding COVID-19, including the following guidance documents specifically addressing the California performance assessments:

Completing the CalTPA or CalAPA in an Online Setting

The Commission has determined that candidates may complete the CalTPA or CalAPA in online settings provided they continue to meet all the requirements specified in the performance assessment guides. This includes the ability to obtain sufficient video evidence to support their submissions. Preparation programs must work with candidates to determine the suitability of the online settings and continue to provide adequate support and supervision. For more information, please see Guidelines for Completing the CalAPA in an Online Setting and Guidelines for Completing the CalTPA in an Online Setting.

Registration Extension Available to Candidates

CalTPA and CalAPA candidates have 12 months to prepare and submit a finalized cycle from the date of each cycle registration, for both initial submissions and retakes. To provide additional support to candidates impacted by COVID-19, on April 6, 2020, all registrations will be extended to expire on December 5, 2021. The extension will apply to open CalTPA and CalAPA registrations (e.g., initial submissions and retakes) without the need for candidates to contact Pearson. Programs may encourage their candidates to submit their cycles during a future submission window.

Additional Submission Date Added to the 2019–2020 Submission and Reporting Schedules

An additional submission date has been added to the CalTPA and CalAPA 2019–2020 submission and reporting schedules to support candidates impacted by school closures due to COVID-19.

  • Submit by July 2, 2020, to receive scores on July 23, 2020

CalTPA and CalAPA candidates should utilize the current 2019–2020 Performance Assessment Guides for the remaining submission dates in the 2019–2020 submission and reporting schedules.

The CalTPA and CalAPA 2020–2021 submission and reporting schedules are also now available. The 2020–2021 performance assessment guides and materials will be released in mid-July.