The February 2015 administration of the California Preliminary Administrative Credential Examination (CPACE) will be the final administration of the current version of the CPACE.

Administrative Services Credentials authorize the holder to provide the following school services in grades 12 and below, including preschool, and in classes organized primarily for adults:

  • Develop, coordinate, and assess instructional programs
  • Evaluate certificated and classified personnel
  • Provide student discipline
  • Provide certificated and classified employee discipline
  • Supervise certificated and classified personnel
  • Manage school site, district, or county level fiscal services
  • Recruit, employ, and assign certificated and classified personnel
  • Develop, coordinate, and supervise student support services

An individual seeking a preliminary Administrative Services Credential needs to (1) hold an appropriate prerequisite credential, (2) complete five years teaching or other relevant experience, and (3) per Education Code section 44270.5, complete either an Administrative Services preparation program or an examination alternative that is aligned with the Administrative Services program standards for preliminary certification. Those applying based on a preparation program must also have an offer of employment in an administrative position for the preliminary certificate.

In October 2008, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) approved the continued use of the examination option to verify content knowledge for the preliminary certificate and the development of the California Preliminary Administrative Credential Examination (CPACE), a California-specific examination with a focus on California school law, finances, organization, and English learner student needs.

The Evaluation Systems group of Pearson was contracted by the CTC for the development, administration, and scoring of the CPACE.

The set of administrator knowledge and skills described in the CPACE Content Specifications and reflected in the CPACE is organized into the following four domains:

  • Domain I: Visionary and Inclusive Leadership
  • Domain II: Student Learning
  • Domain III: Systems for Capacity Building
  • Domain IV: Resource Management and Educational Law

Review the CPACE Content Specifications links to a PDF.

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