CBEST Practice Test

The CBEST Computer-Administered Practice Test is an interactive computer program that contains practice test forms for the CBEST Reading, Mathematics, and Writing sections. The program includes a tutorial providing instructions on how to use and navigate through the practice test, a full-length practice test for each CBEST section, scoring of the Reading and Mathematics sections, and password-protected multi-user capabilities (i.e., subsequent users may access and utilize the program without affecting practice test work in progress for another individual).

This is a stand-alone Java™ program (0.99 MB) that must be downloaded to the computer on which it will be used. The practice test may be taken by more than one person on the same computer without downloading additional copies of the software.

Minimum System Requirements: The Java™ SE Runtime Environment (JRE) v. 7 or higher is required to run the practice test. Select the version required for your operating system from the downloads list link opens in a new window. The JRE may be downloaded free of charge from ORACLE®.

Perform the steps of the practice test setup process in the following order.

  • Download the Java™ SE Runtime Environment (JRE) v. 7 or higher from the appropriate website listed above, if it, or a similiar program, is not already installed on your computer.
  • Install the Java™ SE Runtime Environment (JRE) v. 7 on your computer.
  • Download and run the CBEST Computer-Administered Practice Test to your computer.

Download the CBEST Computer-Administered Practice Test

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