CSET: American Sign Language

CSET: American Sign Language consists of 3 subtests:

  • Subtest I (test code 186)
  • Subtest II (test code 187)
  • Subtest III (test code 188)
You must register for and take each subtest separately.
Computer-based test (CBT) only:
  • Subtest I: 30 multiple-choice questions and 2 constructed-response questions
  • Subtest II: 30 multiple-choice questions and 2 constructed-response questions
  • Subtest III: 18 multiple-choice questions and 4 constructed-response questions
By appointment year-round, Monday through Saturday (excluding some holidays). Check appointment availability link opens in a new window. Sep. 4–Oct. 1, 2017
Apr. 16–May 13, 2018
Offered at specific test centers in California .
Session Length
Subtest I: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Subtest II: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Subtest III: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Locate a test center link opens in a new window. Northern California area—typically in the Sacramento/San Francisco vicinity
Southern California area—typically in the Los Angeles/San Diego vicinity
Passing Score
220 per subtest
Test Results
Test results are available within 7 weeks of testing.
Review test results release dates .
Policies and Rules
When you register, you agree to abide by all testing policies and rules. Read them now.
Before you test, review the list of materials that are prohibited at the test center .
Subtests I and III include one or more assignments that require you to record your response(s) on video.


Tests may include questions that are evaluated for future administrations and do not affect a candidate's score.

Test Session

Subtests I and III are administered in an individualized setting and include video recorded components that require examinees to view video excerpts and respond in ASL and/or written English. Since some responses are video recorded, it is recommended that you wear solid-colored professional attire that contrasts with your skin tone. Avoid wearing black, white, or red clothing. If possible, avoid clothing with prints and stripes; they will affect the clarity of your video recorded responses and may interfere with the scorers' ability to see your signs. On the day of the test, it is your responsibility to wear clothing that provides the best background upon which to demonstrate your ASL communication ability.

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