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Preparation Manual

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Test Structure


CPACE consists of two separate subtests. Each subtest is scored separately.

The structure of the examination is shown in the tables below. 

Table outlining the test format, number of questions, time, and passing score.
Test Name CPACE
Test Code
  • CPACE-Content (test code 603)
  • CPACE-Performance (test code 604)
  • CPACE-Content: 3 hours and 15 minutes
  • CPACE-Performance: 4 hours
Number of Questions
  • CPACE-Content: 70 multiple-choice questions and 3 constructed-response questions
  • CPACE-Performance: 2 performance modules
Proportions of subtest sections used to determine overall score
  • CPACE-Content: 70% multiple-choice questions and 30% constructed-response questions
  • CPACE-Performance: 100% constructed-response questions

Test Structure

Table outlining test content subject weighting by domain.
Subtest Domain Number of Multiple-Choice Questions Number of Constructed-Response Questions
CPACE-Content I: Visionary Leadership 12 3 focused written assignments
CPACE-Content II: Instructional Leadership 14
CPACE-Content III: School Improvement Leadership 12
CPACE-Content IV: Professional Learning and Growth Leadership 11
CPACE-Content V: Organizational and Systems Leadership 11
CPACE-Content VI: Community Leadership 10
CPACE-Content Total 70 3 focused written assignments
CPACE-Performance I: Visionary Leadership none Module 1: Instructional Leadership
Module 2: School Leadership
CPACE-Performance II: Instructional Leadership none
CPACE-Performance III: School Improvement Leadership none
CPACE-Performance IV: Professional Learning and Growth Leadership none
CPACE-Performance V: Organizational and Systems Leadership none
CPACE-Performance VI: Community Leadership none
CPACE-Performance Total none 2 performance modules

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