About Online Proctoring

Online Proctoring Is Now Available: Test Remotely, Including from Home!

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) is pleased to announce the availability of online proctoring for the CBEST, CPACE–Content, select CSET tests, CTEL, and RICA Written Examination. Online proctoring allows you to take your test securely from your home, school, or business. With just a simple check-in process—involving ID verification, face-matching technology, and a live greeter—you can test without having to travel to a test center.

Phased Rollout of Online Proctoring Availability

The following select tests* are available for online proctoring, in addition to continuing to be available via computer-based testing at test centers.

  • CPACE–Content
  • CTEL
  • CSET: Art Subtest II
  • CSET: Chinese Subtest V
  • CSET: English Subtests I–IV
  • CSET: Health Science Subtests I–III
  • CSET: Multiple Subjects Subtest I and Subtest III
  • CSET: Physical Education Subtest II
  • CSET: Social Science Subtests I–III
  • CSET: Spanish Subtests I, II, and V
  • CSET: World Languages Subtest IV
  • CSET: Writing Skills
  • RICA Written Examination

* Note: Due to technical requirements, certain tests may not be offered via online proctoring and will continue to be available via computer-based testing only. For example, tests that require the use of a scanner and tests that include an audio component cannot be administered via online proctoring.

Can I Test Remotely?

Many U.S.-based candidates are eligible for remote testing. Review the following steps to determine if online proctoring is right for you.

Step #1: Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

You provide your own equipment for testing. You must have access to the following:

  • Required—a desktop or a laptop; tablets and touch screens cannot be used for your exam
  • Required if using a desktop computer—a single monitor; extra monitors are not allowed; you need to remove them from the testing room, if possible, or unplug them
  • Required if using an external monitor with a laptop—you must have an external mouse, keyboard, and webcam and the lid of your laptop must be closed
  • Recommended—a personal computer rather than a work computer, which may have additional security that can interfere with your testing session

Review the complete system and testing environment requirements PDF Document

Step #2: Take the System Test

Take the system test before you register. This will determine if your equipment is eligible for online proctoring.

Step #3: Review the Policies and Guidelines

Review the testing policies and what to expect on the day of the test on this website. (Select your test to get started.) If you are able to comply with these policies and guidelines, you may register for online proctoring.

Registration Is Now Open

If you passed the system test, you may now register to test via online proctoring. Select your test for detailed scheduling information.

Note that if you are currently registered for computer-based testing (testing at a test center) for one of these exams and would like to instead take the exam via online proctoring, you must withdraw your existing registration and then re-register for the online-proctored version of the exam.

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